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It is our desire at Wilkirson-Hatch-Bailey to reach out to anyone who may be experiencing any kind of grief, from the death of a loved one to retirement, divorce, loss of a job, or any other challenging life change. We offer Hand-in-Hand grief coaching free of charge for all Central Texas residents.


Hatch Bailey is the Hand-in-Hand "Grief Coach" who has served people in grief since 1979 and is the president and director in charge of Wilkirson-Hatch-Bailey. Born in 1960, his personal losses have prepared him to be an effective "Grief Coach." He lost all four of his grandparents by 19, and by age 47 he lost his wife and both of her parents to cancer. His only aunt and uncle passed away when he was 48. Hatch also lost his parents by the age of 55. Further, he dealt with his own health challenges and survived two near-death experiences by age 51. He is passionate about helping people in grief no matter what the cause.


Although not a licensed counselor, Hatch's experiences, with his ability to listen and assist those in need, have helped countless people in a variety of situations. Hand-in-Hand meets by appointment only at Wilkirson-Hatch-Bailey. Hatch is more than happy to meet with individuals free of charge for one-on-one grief coaching. For more information, call 254-753-3691, or toll-free at 888-822-3691.





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